About Us

Photo of Clinton Ford

Clinton Ford | CIE, CMR, CRMI, CIAQM, SCRA

Advanced Building Consultants is owned by Clinton J. Ford.  Mr. Ford was one of the first Licensed Mold Assessors MRSA #16 and Mold Remediator MRSR #11 in the State of Florida.  Mr. Ford currently holds four certifications accredited through the Council of Engineering & Scientific Specialty Boards in order to better assist his clients.

Advanced Building Consultants provides environmental consulting and support to clients such as homeowners, insurance companies, businesses, and attorneys.

Mr. Clinton J. Ford offers environmental consultation and support for clients in the following areas:

  • Field Surveys—Moisture and Infrared
  • Building Inspections
  • Environmental Sampling & Assessment
  • Project Protocols
  • Cross Contamination Pre-screening
  • Post Remediation Verification
  • Post Cross Contamination Verification
  • Project Scheduling
  • Project Estimating
  • Intermittent or Periodic On-site Inspections

Though he mainly practices in the State of Florida, Mr. Ford will travel anywhere to assist his clients.